Bend Living Goes Green!

April 20, 2008

Bend Living Magazine, Central Oregon’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine, has just put out its first “green” issue. The March/April 2008 issue of the magazine discusses Bend’s emerging green culture. Bend, Oregon has been booming for years now. New homes are going up faster than Bend locals can even notice. However, not many of those homes have been entirely environmentally friendly. Only recently, Bend has become conscious of alternative “green” ways to improve homes and decrease energy use. The “green” issue discusses a variety of topics such as new energy-saving hybrids available in 2008, beneficial ways to build “green” and the use of alternative energy methods such as solar power grids. In my opinion, the “green” issue is a great step for Bend as well as Bend Living. For my J203: Information Gathering (Info Hell), class project, I researched renewable energy use, particularly wind power and solar power. After completing the project, I realized how beneficial “green” energy is and I am happy that Bend is taking the next step and thinking “green!”

4 Responses to “Bend Living Goes Green!”

  1. Pat Foulon said

    Well Let me just say that is great news. I love the Bend area and have traveled through there many times. I always thought I would and or will live there at some point. I love any steps taken toward alternative energy sources so this is was an extra super blog! Isn’t it crazy how the topics we did for info hell never seem to leave our minds?

  2. angrise said

    Love your custom header! Navigating the blog world can be difficult at first, so props to you, girl!

  3. jameslutes said

    I’ve been a regular in Sunriver since high school, so I’ve gotten to observe Central Oregon’s housing boom first-hand. While observing this boom my friends and I begun to worry that one day Central Oregon’s natural environment will be sacrificed for the sake of economic expansion. So, Bend’s newfound environmental sensitivity is great news, and provides some peace of mind to all us Central Oregon enthusiasts.

  4. Olga, your custom header looks terrific! Way to go!

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