Fitness as personal PR

April 23, 2008

At University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication we are taught about “official PR”, which includes things like working for clients, writing official documents and dealing with crisis situations. One day last week when i was at the student rec center on campus, i had a revelation. As i was looking around at all the people i though to myself “People don’t come here just to exercise, they come here so others have a certain perception of them.” It is a no-brainer that people want to appear healthy and fit, especially at such an active campus like the University of Oregon. Going to the rec center is personal PR in that sense and even though some may claim that they “don’t want to see anyone at the gym,” i would personally disagree with that statement. Not only is the rec center a fitness heaven, it is also a place for social netwoking between students who have similar fitness goals.

Stacey Rogers found a great article that perfectly fits the idea of personal PR. As the man with the pitbulls made a strategic move by letting the neighbors see his puppies, the students going to the rec center make a strategic PR move of their own when they go to work out. In recent years fitness has become a big trend. Going to the gym didn’t just become popular, it became a lifestyle. Speaking of style, the gym has become the new night club, where people come fully put-together. Gym attire does no longer just consist of a plain old T-shirt for many. This is where Nike, Addidas and other sportswear companies come into play. Fitness-obsessed individuals want to look good at the gym, hence the personal PR aspect. By wearing the specialized sports gear, the sports wear companies are also getting publicity, which in the end benefits everyone. Therefore, going to the gym is essentially just personal PR, plus the working-out aspect!

One Response to “Fitness as personal PR”

  1. sdaland2 said

    This is a really great blog topic Olga. The UO rec center seems to be designed for exercisers who are working on personal PR. With the giant window that look on to the street and surround the room with all the tredmills, it is the perfect place to be “seen.”

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