Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair

May 4, 2008

Yet another Disney Channel favorite stirs up controversy in June’s issue of Vanity Fair. This time it is Miley Cyrus that has caused the most recent Scandal du Jour. In a portrait done by Annie Leibovitz, Cyrus poses semi-topless, covering herself with a blanket. The Hannah Montana star has definitely caused a stir with her “grown-up” pictures, however, in reality were those pictures as provocative as the media made them out to be? In a world full of Britneys and Lindsays, stunts like these have become casual. However, when a 15-year-old media darling became a master piece of the legendary Annie Leibovitz’ work, people really paid attention. Even though Cyrus did pose for Leibovitz, the photographs were done in a very tasteful way. There is a video on Vanity Fair’s web site that shows that the photo shoot was actually a relaxed family affair that has no inappropriate undertones.

The media and others are worried that Miley will become another Britney, but in all honesty not every one turns over to the dark side just because they did a some-what suggestive photo shoot. Just like any normal 15-year-old, Miley Cyrus is just experimenting with new things and is doing things that kids her age do. I do agree that since she is such a public figure, as well as a Disney Channel icon, she should be more selective with what she does and what she doesn’t do.

In my opinion, getting to work with Annie Leibovitz is an opportunity of a lifetime. She is an amazing photographer who has had years of photography experience. Leibovitz is known for great pictures that tend to cross the line a little. There are always ways to make celebrities look bad, however i do think that Cyrus could have done much worse things than this. Even though many are worried that Miley Cyrus is going to follow the path of Lindsay Lohan and other Hollywood teens, I think that one photo shoot is not an indicator for that conclusion. I definitely think that Vanity Fair is also a big part of this situation because they cater to an old audience and by putting a 15-year-old girl on its cover, it threw a lot of people off.


2 Responses to “Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair”

  1. sessary said

    I agree with your opinion. Miley Cyrus hasn’t come close to the outlandish antics of many of the popular young actresses. I’ve also touched on this issue on my blog: The attention this has drawn to Cyrus and Vanity Fair has still created publicity and we all know that any press at all is still good press!

  2. Liz Harney said

    I think any pr professional knows that it’s not what something is, it’s how that thing is portrayed. I agree that a picture, in the wrong context, could appear to be dirty, but just by itself, I think this photo could be considered art. It reminds me of a french painting of semi-nude women. It’s too bad that any young girl in Miley’s field has to deal with the stereotypes created by her predecessors.

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