Rogan’s “Go International” line debuts at Barneys

May 7, 2008

The fashion world thinks of it as a “retail’s odd couple,” others think of it as a smart strategic move. Target Corp. has recently teamed up with Barneys New York to promote designer Rogan Gregory’s new eco-friendly clothing line. Rogan’s “Go International” line will make its debut at Barneys in New York, May 9-11 and in Los Angeles on May 16-18. This collection is apparently only going to be in stock for five days, after which shoppers will have to wait for the collection to debut at the Target stores.

Rogan Gregory is known for his cutting-edge concept of fashion, as well as his understanding of social responsibility. His casual clothing collection is produced from organic materials, so Rogan really knows what is fashionable as well as environmentally friendly.

The move to design a less expensive clothing line for Target has no-doubt caused some interesting questions as well as concerns. Since Barneys sells Rogan’s primary line, which includes trousers for $230, dresses for $320 and anoraks for $450, many wonder what the reaction will be to such a contrast in prices. Rogan, a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award winner, created this eco-friendly line while keeping budget constraints in mind. Ronan’s prices for this line are fairly inexpensive, ranging from $15-$45. One of the main concerns that has been brought up is the fact that customers will see two pieces from the same designer and wonder why one costs $300 and the other costs $30. Even though there is a chance that such a move will throw some customers off, such a bold move will also create a positive buzz for both Barneys and the new Rogan line.

New York Magazine’s Fashion blog,The Cut, discussed the issue and they believe that this move is going to have a positive outcome. The Cut thinks that such a strategic move is good PR for Barneys because it will not only better its already fabulous reputation, as well as keep people talking for weeks.

I believe that this is a start of a beautiful new relationship. With the economy at its low, not many average American citizens are spending money on clothes like they used to. So here is a happy medium. Designer-made clothes for a department store price. It’s genius.

Ronan’s new line is so versatile. It appeals to many for its price and it also targets those “eco-friendly” consumers. This move is very timely and all the clothes are very cute, modern and stylish. The line features animal print and cut-out bathing suits, striped vests, button up jumpers and more.

One of Nylon Magazine’s current most viewed links is “First Look: Rogan Grergory for Target.” Check it out, it goes along the same line as my blog post.

So as PR professionals what do you guys think of this bold move?


2 Responses to “Rogan’s “Go International” line debuts at Barneys”

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  2. sessary said

    It looks like Rogan will reposition itself by moving their line from Barney’s to Target. Their new target audience could also rocket Target to an even higher level of acceptance in the world of fashion. Rogan will add to the heap of high-end designers, such as Isaac Mizrahi, who have created clothing for the average income.

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