The Bad Pitch Blog Does Twitter

May 15, 2008

I was casually browsing through the Bad Pitch Blog when I noticed a post about Twitter. My Advanced PR Writing Professor suggested that we join Twitter at the start of this term, so now anytime I hear about Twitter I am curious to know what others think about it. This blog post particularly intrigued me because it said everything I have ever felt about Twitter and then some. For me Twitter is a very unfamiliar form of social media. I know Facebook and MySpace and blogs, however Twitter just never truly caught my interest. The Bad Pitch Blog looks at Twitter from a cool perspective that makes me want to give Twitter another try. It is true, I need to learn how to not hate Twitter and take advantage of its unique nature. Here are the tips that I thought were most helpful for me as a Twitter newbie:

Twitter takes time- Twitter gains value over time. This statement is true because I have yet to gain any real value from Twitter, however I also rarely spend any time on it. Getting on Twitter is like a job to me, it does not yet appeal to me as something that I want to do on my own free will.

Twitter is niche- After talking to Leona Laurie, a fellow PR practitioner, I learned that Twitter is a very niched community. She explained to me that Twitter aides people with the establishment of personal connections within the Twitter community. The public relations industry is based on building personal relationships. It is a great community for individuals to connect on a more personal level. Personal relationships tend to lead to professional relationships, making Twitter a beneficial tool for establishing relationships within the industry.

140 character pitches- I like this one especially because in my PR Writing class the other day we had to make an elevator pitch to our teacher. Twitter seems to be really valuable for that because the 140-character limit forces the writer to be concise and get right to the point. This feature of Twitter I think is truly beneficial for a public relations practitioner.

I do potentially see the benefits of Twitter, however I think in order for me to actually receive those benefits I would have to spend much more time on Twitter than I do now. What do you guys think?
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4 Responses to “The Bad Pitch Blog Does Twitter”

  1. Leona said

    I think the personal nature of the posts is where the value lies, Olga. When someone you want to know professionally is guarded and businessy everywhere else, but personal and candid on Twitter, it gives you a chance to get to know them for real.

  2. I was thrilled to read your post, Olga. You did an excellent job of drawing upon the points in The Bad Pitch Blog. I also echo Leona’s comment. I like the opportunity to learn about the personal elements of people’s lives. It is a window into their worlds. Part of public relations is cultivating personal relationships, so this aspect of Twitter can be especially helpful. Thanks for keeping an open mind!

  3. srogers5 said

    I’m always interested to see what other people say about Twitter, too. I feel exactly the same about it as you, my love! I completely see the awesome benefits of Twitter, I’m just having a heard time appreciating them. I think that once we get into the “real world” and are true PR Practitioners we’ll be able to appreciate it’s benefits. It’s just a matter of time Olgee!

  4. olgawalsh said

    Thank you again for identifying the importance of Twitter for me. You really helped me understand what Twitter has to offer to a public relations practitioner.

    I am definitely keeping an open mind towards Twitter. Public Relations is all about cultivating personal relationships and Twitter is the perfect tool for that. Thanks for your comment!

    I feel as though me and you are in the same situation, we both want to be able to utilize all the benefits Twitter has to offer but first we need to find our place in the “real world” as PR practitioners.

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