Sex and the City Styles and Dressing for Success: Do They Mix?

June 1, 2008

It’s finally here!! On Friday, May 30, the highly-awaited premier of Sex and the City Movie took the nation by storm, making $55 million its opening weekend. The show’s fans have longed for this follow-up since the series’ end in 2004. Over the past decade, the world watched Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte as they dated, went on shopping sprees, drank cosmopolitans and acquired fabulous careers. With each season, the ladies of Sex and the City morphed into fashion icons for women across the country, and possibly all around the world. The show introduced women to high-fashion brands such as Chloe, Blumarine, Manolo Blahnik and a bundle of others. The show also taught women how to effortlessly mix and match designer items with bargain finds. Most importantly, Sex and the City conveyed the message that women can have fun with fashion, especially in the work place. In a Wall Street Journal article, “The ‘sex’ effect: Empowering to Some, Trashy to others” by Christina Brinkley, she discuses the idea of Sex and the City fashion in the workplace. Brinkley writes that after the Sex and the City era, women started feeling much more empowered to be girlie, expose cleavage and be more daring in general. Being an aspiring, fashion-loving young woman, I understand the importance of style in the workplace. Our personal style give us character and a certain appeal; however, I also understand the importance of being tasteful with my ” workplace style.” It is essential to keep your audience in mind when getting dressed for work. Brinkley points out that dressing suitably is a social skill, and these social skills are important for climbing the ladder of success. To me this means that it is important to make the distinction between what is work-appropriate and what isn’t. In the public relations industry personal image is vital for success. Representing oneself in a positive, put-together manner is a key element in the industry. Similar to how public relations practitioners represent their clients, they should also have the ability to master essentials to represent themselves. Brinkley advises women to go the conservative route, instead of the Sex and the City route, to avoid conflicts and bad impressions.

However, dressing conservatively doesn’t always have to be boring. There are tricks to making a simple outfit more fun, without sacrificing its conservative element. Accessories such as a big necklace, a bracelet or a pair of pearls will give the outfit a flair and a sense of your personal style. Personal style is a form of PR, which is why it is important to distinguish between what will give a good impression and what will give a bad one. Brinkley says “It’s style, not fashion,” and that one phrase alone sets the guidelines for power dressing. I believe that style represents taste and an understanding of what will make one look professional in the workplace. Here are some images that show a modern conservative outfits that aren’t boring.

Workplace attire put aside, I am a huge fan of Sex and the City fashion. The colors, the prints and the outrageous designs are my guilty pleasure. The pink carpet Sex and the City Movie premier on May 30 was a total melange of metallic colors, bright summer tones and custom designer pieces. Patricia Field, the costume designer for the series, returned to her post and worked on the fashions for Sex and the City Movie. In the series, Field dressed the ladies of Sex in the City in everything from designer couture to thrift-store finds. There is no doubt that the movie excels in its fashions and as a fan, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

I think that everyone woman should have the power to express her character through fashion. Feeling good on the outside results in what feels like “internal tranquility.” Work style however is much different from street style and it is essential for women today to understand the difference between the two. I guess we can’t all get away with what Sex and the City’s PR maven, Samantha Jones, can.


One Response to “Sex and the City Styles and Dressing for Success: Do They Mix?”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post and seeing your pictured examples of stylish, conservative clothes for the workplace. Incorporating fun jewelry items is a great idea!

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