Haute Couture goes eco-friendly

June 4, 2008

Organically made clothing took the world of high fashion by storm in 2008. Top fashion designers now utilize eco-friendly fabrics and turn them into Haute Couture. Designers like Rogan Gregory, Linda Loudermilk, Lisa Gorman, Richie Rich for Heatherette, Bahar Shahpar and brands such as J Brand, American Apparel and John Patrick Organic are all pioneers of the emerging green fashion movement. Recently, Guess Inc. announced that the company will also be coming out a new eco-friendly line that which will feature everything from denim to cotton tees.

In January, a fashion show called FutureFashion, showed off just how far green fashion has come in the past year. Organized by a New York-based non-profit company, Earth Pledge, the fashion show inspired many famed fashion designers to work with organic fabrics for the first time. Instead of using the traditional cashmere and silk fabrics, the designers used sasawashi, a Japanese fabric made from paper and herbs, peace silk and hemp. Since the fashion show, many other designers have pledged to incorporate organic fabric into their clothing lines. Some well-known designers that took part in the fashion show were Phillip Lim and Stella McCartney.

The great thing about eco-fashions is that they don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics. Clothing that is considered eco-friendly is typically made with raw organic materials such as cotton, which is not grown with pesticides, and reused materials such as plastic from recycled soda bottles. These clothes are also made under healthy working conditions, by people who are earning fair wages.

The move toward eco-friendly fashions is receiving major support from the fashion industry. Those designers that made the switch to organic fabrics will soon realize the benefits of such a strategic move. In the midst of many major global warming concerns, it is important for everyone to contribute to improving the health of the environment. Plus, think about how great it will feel to be recognized as a designer who is trying to save the planet? Using organic fabrics is not only eco-friendly, but also super beneficial for the image of the designer. Overall, it is a win-win situation. Plus, all the clothes are super cute. Here are some eco-friendly fashions from the eco-conscious designers.


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