Fitness as personal PR

April 23, 2008

At University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication we are taught about “official PR”, which includes things like working for clients, writing official documents and dealing with crisis situations. One day last week when i was at the student rec center on campus, i had a revelation. As i was looking around at all the people i though to myself “People don’t come here just to exercise, they come here so others have a certain perception of them.” It is a no-brainer that people want to appear healthy and fit, especially at such an active campus like the University of Oregon. Going to the rec center is personal PR in that sense and even though some may claim that they “don’t want to see anyone at the gym,” i would personally disagree with that statement. Not only is the rec center a fitness heaven, it is also a place for social netwoking between students who have similar fitness goals.

Stacey Rogers found a great article that perfectly fits the idea of personal PR. As the man with the pitbulls made a strategic move by letting the neighbors see his puppies, the students going to the rec center make a strategic PR move of their own when they go to work out. In recent years fitness has become a big trend. Going to the gym didn’t just become popular, it became a lifestyle. Speaking of style, the gym has become the new night club, where people come fully put-together. Gym attire does no longer just consist of a plain old T-shirt for many. This is where Nike, Addidas and other sportswear companies come into play. Fitness-obsessed individuals want to look good at the gym, hence the personal PR aspect. By wearing the specialized sports gear, the sports wear companies are also getting publicity, which in the end benefits everyone. Therefore, going to the gym is essentially just personal PR, plus the working-out aspect!


Bend Living Goes Green!

April 20, 2008

Bend Living Magazine, Central Oregon’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine, has just put out its first “green” issue. The March/April 2008 issue of the magazine discusses Bend’s emerging green culture. Bend, Oregon has been booming for years now. New homes are going up faster than Bend locals can even notice. However, not many of those homes have been entirely environmentally friendly. Only recently, Bend has become conscious of alternative “green” ways to improve homes and decrease energy use. The “green” issue discusses a variety of topics such as new energy-saving hybrids available in 2008, beneficial ways to build “green” and the use of alternative energy methods such as solar power grids. In my opinion, the “green” issue is a great step for Bend as well as Bend Living. For my J203: Information Gathering (Info Hell), class project, I researched renewable energy use, particularly wind power and solar power. After completing the project, I realized how beneficial “green” energy is and I am happy that Bend is taking the next step and thinking “green!”


April 17, 2008

After a brief meeting with a fellow PR practitioner, i got inspired to check out NotCouture. NotCouture is a fashion blog with a very unique touch to it. The blog consists of only image boxes with pictures of the latest fashion indulgences. This fashion is particularly intriguing to me because of its lay out. Design is a recent interest of mine and i found this blog at the right time to enjoy and appreciate it. This blog has a particularly classy feel to it. The styles featured on the blog are top notch designer pieces. The Maison Martin Margiela Spotlight Clutch particularly caught my eye, first for its beauty then for its price. However, this masterpiece is a true fashion statement. In my opinion this blog is a very positive representative of a fashion blog. It is done with taste and it stands out for its unique design. My thoughts on fashion blogging as a hobby? I’m hooked already.

Hello, world!

April 10, 2008

Hello! My name is Olga and I am the author of PR-Obsessed! This is my first blog, so I am very excited to dip my feet into the blogging world. I will be blogging mainly about fashion PR as well as the current trends in public relations. I am very happy to have such an awesome opportunity to be able to write my own blog. With the help of my Advanced PR Writing class I hope to improve and learn more about blogging. Social media is the hottest new trend in public relations, so I believe it is very important to familiarize myself with its aspects.

So, welcome to my blog!