In the light of the upcoming election I felt inspired to finally write a blog post after a 5-month dry spell. As I was browsing through one of my favorite fashion blogs today, The Cut, the reoccurring subject of the majority of the posts was none other but Barack Obama, no surprise there. Designers such as Vera Wang and Diane Von Furstenberg are among millions of people that have “Baracked the Vote” in this historically powerful election. Whether it is because they love Mr. Obama’s policies on the future of our country or maybe because they think that he will look better in a suit than his opponent, these designers did their part and voted. Speaking of which, anyone reading this, get out there and rock the vote before it’s too late!

In just a little over 24 hours, our country will have a new president, but what is election day without the perfect outfit? Have you heard that Zac Posen is urging everyone to look their best on the big day and then send in photos of their election day outfits at So as Zac said, “Make the future, look good.” Barack Obama needs all the support he can get, and there is nothing wrong with doing so in style.

– O.